Implementation Logical Key Hierarchy to a Nosql Database in Cloud Computing

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Hüseyin Bodur
Resul Kara


Cloud computing is a system that keeps the system, software or data contained in remote data centers and enables them to access at a desired time and on a desired device over the internet. With the rapid growth of the Internet, broadcast communication has become an issue to be implemented in many areas. In shortly, broadcast communication is the transmission of a message from broadcast center to all or some of the users which connected to it. Various schemes have been developed to allow a single sender to transmit a data to multiple users. The most common use among these schemes is Logical Key Hierarchy (LKH). In this study, two applications have been developed to explain how to integrate MAH structure into a Nosql database on cloud computing, one of which is broadcasting center and the other is user application.


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H. Bodur and R. Kara, “Implementation Logical Key Hierarchy to a Nosql Database in Cloud Computing”, DataSCI, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 4-7, Dec. 2019.
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