Logistic Location Selection with Critic-Ahp and Vikor Integrated Approach

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Mehmet Akif Yerlikaya
Çağlar Tabak
Kürşat Yıldız


Transportation costs’ directly affecting national economies; increase in transportation costs depending on energy resources have directed the countries to develop combined transportation strategies to reduce transportation costs. In this study, it is aimed to provide suggestions for the location selection of the logistics centers where wil be determined the strategies for the most economic, rapid and safe transportation with the integration of the transportation types which will contribute to the reduction of the transportation costs. The Aegean Region and The Central Anatolia Region were chosen as the pilot regions in the selection of the optimum location of the logistics centers required to develop combined transportation. The information required to select location in these two regions was obtained through a questionnaire survey and the CRITIC-AHP-VIKOR integrated method was used for the optimum location selection. While the criteria weights were determined by the CRITIC-AHP method, alternative location was chosen by VIKOR method.


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M. Yerlikaya, Çağlar Tabak, and K. Yıldız, “Logistic Location Selection with Critic-Ahp and Vikor Integrated Approach”, DataSCI, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 21-25, Jul. 2019.
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